Pelton & Crane OCM Sterilizer

Defect: No control of pressure/temperature

a.) The Over Heat Thermostat may have lost its calibration, causing erratic behavior to the heating elements and keeping your Pelton & Crane OCM from reaching its optimum temperature.

b.) The Thermistor Assembly may be out of range.

c.) The Solid State Controller (PC Board) may be defective.

d.) The Center Heating Element may be defective.

a.) Recalibrate by running a normal autoclave cycle from a cold condition.

b.) Resistance should be 1 Meg  Ω @ 77˚F 20%. If resistance is out of range, or fails to respond when heat is applied, replace thermistor assembly.

c.) Measure voltage from common terminal of power switch no.2 to common terminal of function switch. If you get a reading of 0 volts, board is good. Otherwise, the board is open and needs to be replaced.

d.) Possibility of short in hot side of line. Trace out hot side of line from power cord to switch for a short. Check center element first. Replace heating element if defective.