Acme Revival may apply fees and surcharges to your checkout session

Certain fees and surcharges may be applied to your order during checkout in addition to the base price of the device you’re purchasing. These fees are dynamic, and will adjust based on variables such as the shipping destination, type of device, or time of year.


Payment Processing Fee: a static fee (~ 2.99% of order subtotal) applied to orders where “Credit/Debit Card” is the primary selected form of payment.

Regulatory Agency Service Fee: a dynamically calculated fee intended to offset costs associated with our requirement to register and comply with regulation implemented by governmental agencies.

Fuel Surcharge & Environmental Fees: a static fee (~ 0.76% of order subtotal), that allows Acme Revival to recover the economic and actual cost of diesel, natural gas and other hydrocarbon based fuels and products that third-party delivery partners use (and charge for) in their overall operations, above a baseline cost. This charge/fee allows Acme Revival to keep up with the changing costs of diesel, natural gas and other hydrocarbon based fuels and products, and allows Acme Revival to achieve an operating margin we need to maintain the high level of service that our customers expect.

Exportation / Labelling Fees: a static fee applied to orders being delivered to Canada or Australia. This fee helps us offset charges imposed by foreign governments in the process of exporting certain devices. This fee is exclusive and does not limit nor decrease your tax or importing border liabilities.

Q: Will these fees and surcharges be refunded in the event of a return?

Yes, 100% of all fees and surcharges are refunded in the event of an authorized return.


Q: Does Acme Revival collect sales or value-added tax?

We are required by state and local laws (US) to collect sales tax based on your ultimate and final shipment (or use) destination, and, our nexus within a specific state or locale. In some cases, we may not apply tax collection to your order. In order to calculate our obligation to collect tax, simply proceed to checkout with items in your cart, and enter your final delivery address. If you are a tax-exempt organization, simply proceed to “Purchasing for Organizations” located within the cart page to begin the process.


Q: Does it make more sense to bundle items into one order instead of placing multiple orders?

This will ultimately depend of several factors, including, your use (shipping) location, the items being purchased, and the changing cost of resources subject to applied fees and surcharges. Typically, bundling items should not be necessary– or more cost effective– unless you are ordering from and arranging delivery to outside the United States in which case static fees may be applied to the order in aggregate– not calculated per item.


Q: Is expedited refurbishment and shipping calculated per the order in aggregate, or on an item-basis?

Although in some cases our system will work to deliver a “combined shipping rate” for items or quantities that can ship in the same container, most shipping rates are dynamically calculated per container required to fulfill your order. In other words, your production and shipping charges (if any) are typically based on the items in your cart individually. Keep in mind, standard refurbishment and shipping times are always free on the Acme Revival platform.