Acme Repair Reuse
trade in your broken or defective one. any medical device when you

Slide Repair device when you defective one. broken or any medical trade in your
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Even your defective device has value

We’ll break down your old device- extracting valuable materials that could put thousands of dollars towards a working device.

Reuse the old to replace for the new

We’ll appraise the broken down device, and send you payment immediately. Even if you don’t purchase a new device.

Slide $267 Peter S. payment. reused his defective Zeiss Humphrey FDT-710 for a Emma W. reused her defective Zeiss Hark 599 for a $562 credit.

Slide $427 Ameli P. payment. reused her defective Topcon CT-80 for a Amir T. reused his defective Reichert AT-550 for a $231 credit.

Slide Submit the make and model of any medical device. We’ll appraise it within 3 hours and take care of everything else.
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