Tuttnauer Valueklave 1730 Autoclave

Defect: Power-On light does not illuminate

There may be a few reasons the Power-On light is not coming on:

a.) Faulty wall outlet or plug

b.) Damaged power cord

c.) Power switch is in off position, or defective

d.) Circuit breaker issues (facility breaker, or, autoclave breaker located on back of autoclave)

e.) Blown fuses

f.) Power light is burned out

g.) Open circuit

a.) Verify power at outlet using a volt meter. Make sure power cord is plugged into the wall and into the back of the machine.

b.) Check power cord for continuity while flexing the cord. Replace power cord. if defective.

c.) Make sure power is turned on. Replace power switch, if defective.

d.) Reset breaker. If no short is found, replace circuit breaker.

e.) Some Tuttnauer units will also have fuses located on the back of the autoclave. If your unit has them, test them for continuity & replace if defective.

f.) Replace power light.

g.) Check for loose or disconnected wires. Replace wire harness, if necessary.