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Bernina 1008 Sewing Machine

Bernina 1008 Sewing Machine
Most common repairs + troubleshooting for the Bernina 1008 Sewing Machine at Acme:
  1. Bobbin Thread Issues: Problems such as the bobbin thread not catching, tangling, or not winding properly are common. Adjusting the tension, ensuring correct bobbin insertion, and keeping the bobbin area clean can often resolve these issues​​.
  2. Stitch Problems: Skipped stitches and tension problems can occur, often due to using the wrong needle size, thread type, or tension settings. Adjustments to these factors can improve stitch quality​​.
  3. Error Codes Related to Stitch Selection and Operation: The machine may display error messages for unknown stitch numbers, issues with stitch pattern selection in combined mode, and feed dog adjustments. Solutions involve checking values, combining other stitches, or adjusting the feed dog​​.
  4. Power Issues: For various Bernina models, including the 780 and 880, issues like not turning on can be resolved by waiting or checking internal components like the battery or power board​​.
  5. Buzzing Noises: Buzzing from the motor or foot pedal can indicate suppressor problems or engagement of the bobbin winder when it shouldn't be. Solutions range from removing the suppressor to checking the bobbin winder​​.
  6. Handwheel Problems: A stuck handwheel may indicate broken gears or a need for lubrication. Professional repair or proper machine lubrication can resolve this​​.
  7. Machine Stuck in Reverse: This can occur on various models and might be due to a stuck directional lever or reverse button. Adjustments or lubrication can often fix the issue​​.

est repair cost: $45 per hour

247 parts + components available at: ACME REVIVAL DENVER

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$45 Per Hour

Acme bills $45 per hour for the Bernina 1008 Sewing Machine with a no-obligation diagnostic evaluation upon arrival. Don’t like the quote? We’ll send it back.

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