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Philips 50XM M1350B Fetal Monitor

Philips 50XM M1350B Fetal Monitor
Most common repairs + troubleshooting for the Philips 50XM M1350B Fetal Monitor at Acme:
  1. Connectivity Problems with Transducers: Difficulty in establishing or maintaining a connection between transducers and the monitor.
  2. Inaccurate Fetal Heart Rate Readings: Issues with obtaining accurate fetal heart rate measurements, possibly due to transducer placement or monitor sensitivity.
  3. Power Supply or Charging Issues: Problems related to the device's power supply, battery life, or charging mechanisms.
  4. Software Glitches or Freezes: The monitor's software may experience glitches, freezes, or errors, requiring troubleshooting or restarts.
  5. Alarm System Errors: Inaccurate alarms or failure to trigger necessary alerts for abnormal readings.
  6. Display Issues: Problems with the monitor display, including frozen screens, inaccurate data display, or backlight issues.
  7. Data Transmission Errors: Difficulties in transmitting patient data from the monitor to external systems for analysis or record-keeping.
  8. Sensor Detection Problems: The monitor may have trouble detecting attached sensors, leading to incomplete monitoring.
  9. Calibration Errors: Challenges with calibrating the monitor for accurate readings, which is crucial for reliable monitoring.
  10. User Interface Challenges: Users may find the interface non-intuitive or encounter difficulties in navigating through the menu options.

est repair cost: $45 per hour

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$45 Per Hour

Acme bills $45 per hour for the Philips 50XM M1350B Fetal Monitor with a no-obligation diagnostic evaluation upon arrival. Don’t like the quote? We’ll send it back.

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