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Medtronic Tono-Pen XL Tonometer

Medtronic Tono-Pen XL Tonometer
Most common repairs + troubleshooting for the Medtronic Tono-Pen XL Tonometer at Acme:
  1. Calibration Failures: Difficulty in calibrating the device as indicated by persistent "bAd" calibration messages, which can result from incorrect handling or operational errors.
  2. Battery Issues: Problems related to battery life, replacement, or device malfunctioning due to battery issues.
  3. LCD Display Errors: The LCD not displaying segments correctly, indicating a need for service.
  4. Measurement Accuracy: Inaccuracies in IOP (Intraocular Pressure) measurements due to improper use, such as incorrect positioning or pressure application on the patient's cornea.
  5. Allergic Reactions to Latex: Since the Ocu-Film tip cover contains natural rubber latex, there's a risk of allergic reactions in some patients.
  6. Debris in Transducer Assembly: Unreliable IOP readings caused by failure to replace the Ocu-Film Tip Cover between patients, allowing debris to enter the transducer assembly.
  7. Damage from Using Without Tip Cover: Using the device without an Ocu-Film Tip Cover can damage the instrument and void the warranty.

est repair cost: $45 per hour

47 parts + components available at: ACME REVIVAL DENVER

  • Exterior

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  • Internal (Mechanical)

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  • Circuitry

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  • Plastics

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$45 Per Hour

Acme bills $45 per hour for the Medtronic Tono-Pen XL Tonometer with a no-obligation diagnostic evaluation upon arrival. Don’t like the quote? We’ll send it back.

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We’ll send back your device for free regardless of its size or weight, anywhere in the world.

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Acme guarantees service for no fewer than 30 days from return service delivery. Some device may qualify for extended warranty options.

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