Acme Revival offers pre-owned devices that differ from refurbished units

RAW devices have not undergone our in-house refurbishment processes

Unlike refurbished devices that qualify for Acme’s Pristine Guarantee, RAW units have not undergone a complete internal and external refurbishment process. Although they have been tested to operate per the provided factory’s specifications, they typically show signs of wear and use, that, in some cases can be visibly extensive. We don’t clean or restore RAW devices in any way. Although we still guarantee every RAW device for no fewer than 365 days from purchase, RAW devices generally require more maintenance and/or ultimately have a shorter lifespan than refurbished units.


Where does Acme source RAW devices?

Most RAW units are completed trade-ins from customers purchasing different devices. In some cases, our vendor network utilizes “Fulfillment by Acme” to sell and advertise their available devices on our platform. We store and fulfill those specific devices at our facilities.


Why are used units typically priced less than refurbished units?

Acme Revival’s 30-step inspection and refurbishment process requires extensive skilled labor and state-of-the-art machinery to restore device’s back to their new-like state. This, combined with market (supply/demand) conditions, allow devices that bypass these procedures to be offered at a lesser price while allowing us to maintain an adequate operating margin.


Will a “RAW” device last as long as a refurbished one?

Although complex variables exist, our data shows that used (RAW) devices without refurbishment fail quicker than devices under our Pristine Guarantee.