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Acme ships devices anywhere in Netherlands for free, regardless of size, quantities, or minimums.

Dutch customers and clinics can expect free shipping on all devices found on the Acme Revival catalog regardless of when or what they order. All Acme devices currently ship from the United States and will be exported into the Netherlands.

Dutch clinics/physicians can expect to pay a 21% VAT (Value-Added Tax) and a 0% duty 


All devices ship via FedEx Express™ and arrive within 4-8 business days

Once shipped, most Dutch clinics should expect to receive their device(s) within 4-8 business days. This will be subject to borders and customs clearance which can cause delays. Be sure to check tracking information regularly, and contact Acme Revival and FedEx Global Trade Networks should you require additional assistance.


Dutch customers will need to follow import practices for their device(s)

Since Acme devices originate in the United States, Dutch clinics will need to import their devices through Netherland’s Border Protection and Customs agencies. Don’t worry, all Acme devices are shipped via FedEx Express™ and we partner with FedEx Global Trade Networks™ to make importation an easy and expeditious process.


How does Acme label packages to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies?

We label every device container in order to be compliant with Netherland’s Dutch Commodities Act. You can expect labelling to detail the specific information below:

  • The device’s name and manufacturer information
  • Acme’s (Exporter’s) facility information
  • The products identity; including make and model, serial number, category, and classification
  • The physical components of the device within the container, such as weight and size
  • Instructions for access to user manuals and other documentation