Device’s that have not undergone Acme’s evaluation process will have an incomplete listing description

Acme Revival evaluates every device in both a mechanical and clinical form to provide our users both a subjective review and an objective comparison of devices. This evaluation process takes considerable time and additionally requires resources from the original manufacturer in order to provide device feedback that is consistent with Acme review standards.


Trained technicians provide subjective feedback relative to a device’s durability, robustness, design, and quality.

Although most device specifications and white papers can be used to evaluate the clinical ability of a device, little information is typically published- subjectively, as to the usability of a device. Acme technicians assess every device’s structure, design, and build quality to provide information that may be relevant to a customer preparing to purchase a device.


Evaluated devices are assigned an “A/R” score

An A/R score is an average of subjective overall evaluations submitted by Acme’s evaluating technicians. Ranging from numerical 1 (very poor) to numerical 5 (very good), this score is intended to provide users feedback as to the device per the following categories:

  • Market Price Value (in comparison to other similar devices) ;  i.e. is this a good value for the new device MSRP
  • Return on Investment Value ;  i.e. does this device offer a solution that will help my clinic profit
  • Depreciation ;  i.e. will the anticipated depreciation of the device be a significant (or abnormal) factor in future resale value
  • Usability ;  i.e. can this device be easily learned and operated by staff
  • Durability ;  i.e.  will this device suffer reliability issues more frequently than that of similar devices
  • Innovation ;  i.e. does this device utilize modern available technology to improve patient care
  • Impressiveness ;  i.e. will this device intrigue patients and boost patient interest in the procedure(s)


Specifications are verified

Specifications set forth by the manufacturer are validated for internal use by Acme Revival for refurbishment and warranty procedures. Specifications listed on product listings are provided via manufacturer resources only.