Acme utilizes a dynamic pricing algorithm that automatically calculates and displays a price based on real-time supply and demand.

In recent years, low prices have become synonymous with Acme Revival– much in part to intelligent pricing that encourages increases in device supply with increases in price.

How does Acme’s pricing work?

When you are shopping on Acme Revival for a specific device, you may notice that the price for said device is different than the cost of the same device a few days earlier. That’s due in part to our dynamic pricing algorithm which adjust device pricing based on a number of variables, such as buyer-to-seller demand, current supply, and sales data within the past 30 days. This data can mean an increase or decrease in price for short or extended periods of time.


Why do Acme’s prices change?

When demand increases, Acme uses variable costs to encourage more supply from our network in order to help deal with recent orders of said device. Acme devices display a ‘quantity remaining at a set price’ in the short description of most product listings. That device will remain offered at that price until the stated quantity has been satisfied or sold at which time a new price and quantity will be displayed.


Can I negotiate pricing with Acme team members?

All devices are subject Acme’s dynamic pricing algorithm and cannot be changed or discounted by Acme team members.


Pricing normalization and demand flows

Once more of our supply network introduce said device to market, the demand will become more manageable and pricing should revert to a new equilibrium as determined by current supply and demand, along with other factors detailed above. Although rare- global pandemics, weather, and other variables as it relates to health and medicine can cause unusual demand and limited supply at specific times of the year.