Slide Grow your practice-
buying refurbished
instead of new.
With Acme.

Slide By using algorithmic pricing models, our devices are priced with popularity and availability in mind. Generally, at fractions compared to the new price.
We offer these instruments at unprecedented pricing. We crowdsource for devices in demand Acme only refurbishes devices in which it sells— forecasted per supply and demand market conditions. This results in more popular devices being more widely available. We refurbish devices from trade-in with clear histories How Acme Works Acme purchases millions annually in trade-ins which are then refurbished on-demand at the start of the order.

Slide We ship for free to most countries. Acme ships any device to nearly any country in the world. We support & repair when no one else will. Acme offers support and repair even when manufacturers do not.

Slide Acme puts otherwise expensive technology into reach through refurbishing procedures. We're On Your Side Increasing ROI with greater access. Patient care is our priority. Acme makes clinical purchasing of devices simple and attainable-- all online and shipped direct.