Acme uses actual (finished) demonstration devices currently in use at an Acme facility for all product photos.

Photos published on individual product pages and shop catalogs are not official manufacturer stock photos, rather our own proprietary images of actual products/items we stock. This may not be the exact unit you’ll receive. Generally, the specific items pictured are designated ‘demo’ units designed for storefront use at an Acme Revival facility. In some cases, item listings may display photos of the exact unit you are purchasing.


Some device listings may showcase photos of the actual unit you’ll receive

Item listings with our “Actual Device” badge are in-fact photos of the actual unit you’ll receive. You may notice the background of the device image is abstracted or may appear blurred to provide consistency across the platform.


Will my item arrive in a state differing from the photograph?

No– the product images should provide a near exact replication or detailed illustration as to the unt you should expect to receive. In some cases, recalled or obsolete parts/components may be replaced, and as such, slight cosmetic differences may be observed. Of course every pre-owned device may show some signs of wear and prior use not particularly visible in item photos.


Why are serial numbers hidden or removed from product photos?

Per federal law and regulation, we don’t disclose any data or identifying marks on any pre-owned equipment to protect the identity of previous owners, and any Protected Health Information that may be traceable from such knowledge. By purchasing said item, you are entitled to such information as a proper legal owner.