The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way Acme operates

In March 2020, the Novel Coronavirus made landfall in the United States, shuttering business’ and mandating shelter-in-place orders by governments at local and national levels. In compliance with those orders, and in all efforts to distance socially so as to reduce the spread of the virus, Acme Revival was woefully inadequate and unprepared to deal with the effects of a global pandemic.


With our physical facilities serving as the epicenter of our call center and fulfillment operations, we were neither unable to support customers nor fulfill orders in a timely manner given the shelter-in-place mandate. Dozens of our employees were unable to make it to work– and furthmore unable to perform the work necessary and critical to our operation at home.


Since, Acme is now prepared to operate anywhere

We’ve limited our dependence on a central physical location, and have installed the necessary facilities and fixtures in employee’s homes, along with partnered WeWork® locations to operate and provide critical life-saving medical devices even in global pandemics and disasters.


Although most services will still come from our physical facilities, Acme team members may support customers and fulfill orders via their home offices. Given the sensitive and regulatory nature of medical devices, we’ve created stringent protocols and procedures to ensure that Acme continues to provide the same great customer support and products that you’ve expected from our previous centralized offices.


As a result of the ever-changing business and economic landscape, Acme has reduced its reliance on commercial leases of our fulfillment and support centers. We’ve also reduced substantial costs associated with these premises, and in-turn are committed to lowering ultimate prices on devices that serve critical roles in treating symptoms associated with  COVID-19.


Acme has also implemented protocols to mitigate the spread of virus’

  • We’re monitoring employee temperatures at the start of every work day to ensure proper quarantining of ill team members
  • Employees whom report symptoms or illness are asked to self-quarantine until four days after their symptoms subside
  • Employees whom report being ill are unable to handle or fulfill medical devices intended for clinical use
  • All employees are required to wash hands prior to entering Acme facilities, and must wear protective gear when handling devices of fulfilling orders
  • We’re disinfecting all aspects of any centralized Acme work location at least once per day
  • We’re ultimately compiling with any and all government orders to follow proper social distancing practices immediately when advised and implemented


Beyond the restrictions and challenges of COVID-19 and other potential future viral pandemics, Acme Revival is prepared and does not expect future interruptions to our operation.